Sunday, September 20, 2020

Sony's "Black Cat" TV Series

Marvel Comics' "Black Cat" #1, in support of Sony Television's upcoming "Black Cat" episodic TV series, is written by Jed Mackay and illustrated by C.F. Villa, with covers by Villa, Sara Pichelli, Skottie Young, Patrick Gleason, Taurin Clarke and Todd Nauk, available December 2020:

"...the Cat in Black is back. The 'Knull' attack on Earth interrupts the Black Cat's latest caper. And if you know 'Felicia', you know that's a problem.

"The Cat and her crew aim to steal something of greatest value to both Knull and Earth's hope of survival. Guest-starring 'X-Men', 'Captain America' and 'Doctor Strange'..." 

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