Monday, August 24, 2020

"Wonder Woman 1984" - Look Out For The 'Cheetah'

Take a look at the new Iron Studios' statue of the super-villain 'Cheetah' in the likeness of actress Kristin Wiig, from the upcoming feature "Wonder Woman 1984", opening December 25, 2020, as "...'Barbara Minerva' shifts from friend to foe, becoming the fiercest rival 'Wonder Woman' has yet to face...":

"...with her sharp claws, the ferocious feline villain leaps with superhuman speed to attack her powerful 'Amazon' rival.

"'Barbara' is an antiques expert delighted to meet 'Wonder Woman', but in a mystical way, becomes possessed by the powers of the 'Goddess of the Hunt'...

"...transforming into 'Cheetah', a female humanoid creature with the characteristics of the fastest cat on Earth."

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