Monday, February 10, 2020

"Once Upon A Time In .. Hollywood" - 'Cliff Booth'

Take a closer look at movie 'stunt double' 'Cliff Booth' (Brad Pitt), a war vet who lives with his pit bull 'Brandy' in writer/director Quentin Tarantino's "Once Upon A Time In... Hollywood":

"...'Cliff Booth' (Pitt) is a long-time stunt double and close friend of actor 'Rick Dalton' (Leonardo DiCaprio). He is a former 'Green Beret' and served in WWII. 

"The character was partly inspired by a stunt performer who worked on B-movies at 'Spahn Ranch', California, while the 'Manson Family' lived there.

"Cliff lives in a trailer next to the 'Van Nuys Drive-In' and drives a 'VW Karmann Ghia'. 

"According to writer Tarantino, 'Cliff is a World War II hero and one of the deadliest guys alive. He could kill you with a spoon, a piece of paper or a business card. 

"Consequently, he is a rather 'Zen' dude who is troubled by very little...'"

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