Tuesday, February 11, 2020

"Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare" - Season Two

Take a look at new footage from the Infinity Ward/Activision video game "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" Season Two, including fresh maps, weapons, operators and multiplayer modes, with the character 'Simon "Ghost" Riley' back in action, available February 11, 2020:

"...the original campaign follows a 'CIA' officer and 'British SAS' forces as they team up with rebels from the country of 'Urzikstan', together combating against Russian forces who have invaded the country..." 

The game has been criticized for its inclusion of 'white phosphorus' strikes as a gameplay mechanic. The use of white phosphorus as an incendiary agent is regulated by international law under provisions of the 'Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons', specifically the 'Protocol on Incendiary Weapons', prohibiting the use of incendiary weapons against or near civilian areas.

Former 'US Marine John Phipps' criticized the game for failing to realistically portray the effects of phosphorus substance, saying "I find Modern Warfare's 'killstreak reward' a nearsighted glorification of what myself and others consider to be a violation of the laws of armed conflict. Contrary to their overall goals towards realism in its campaign, the multiplayer mode doesn't depict the effect 'White Phosphorus' (WP) has on the human body in any kind of realistic way. I don't object to things like 'WP' being examined in games, so long as we depict them as they truly are".

Modern Warfare earned over $600 million within its first three days of release. December 18, 2019, Activision confirmed "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" has earned over $1 billion in revenue.

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