Monday, December 09, 2019

"Watchmen: See How They Fly" - Season Finale

The Season 1 finale, episode #9 of "Watchmen" is titled "See How They Fly", directed by Frederick E.O. Toye, airing December 17, 2019 on HBO:

Previously on "Watchmen" A God Walks Into Abar", directed by Nicole Kassell, that aired December 8, 2019...

" Vietnam 2009, 'Doctor Manhattan' attempts to convince 'Angela' to have dinner with him the next night, as they will fall in love later. 

"Angela is highly skeptical and Manhattan, after explaining his non-linear experience with time, explains that since 1985, he had been creating life on 'Europa', and that in 2019, he will fall in love with her just as he is about to be taken by the 'Seventh Kavalry'. He explains how he took up the identity of 'Cal' to blend in, and used a device created by 'Veidt' to give him amnesia about his true identity until it was necessary for Angela to take it out.

"At Veidt's request, Manhattan transported him to the Europa environment, and also visited 'Will' to encourage him to help Angela in 2019. Angela, speaking to Manhattan in 2019, asks him to ask Will in 2009 about how he knew of 'Judd' secrets, but realizes she created that idea to Will just now.

"As the Kavalry prepare to attack, Angela goes to protect Manhattan, who sees this as the moment he fell in love with her and helps her fend them off, knowing one last Kavalry member remained alive to use a 'tachyon' cannon to capture him. In 2009, Angela accepts Manhattan's dinner proposal. In a post-credit scene, the 'Game Warden' gives a captive Veidt another anniversary cake, which Veidt finds a horseshoe baked inside, and in glee, starts to dig his escape..."

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