Monday, December 02, 2019

"Watchmen: A God Walks Into Abar"

Take a look at "A God Walks Into Abar", the next episode of "Watchmen", based on the DC Comics characters, directed by Nicole Kassell, airing December 8, 2019 on HBO:

Previously on "Watchmen":

"...'Angela' continues to be treated for the 'Nostalgia', her own memories of losing her parents and her grandmother 'June' in 'Vietnam'. Angela learns the 'Manhattan' phone booths supposedly connected to Mars simply route to this facility and 'Trieu' tells her 'Doctor Manhattan' is actually on 'Earth', in 'Tulsa', disguised as a human. Trieu is aware that the 'Kavalry' plan to capture and destroy Dr. Manhattan. Trieu plans to activate the 'Millennium Clock' to execute some plan within the hour to save the world.

"Angela breaks free, rushes home and after telling 'Cal' she loves him as a husband, she kills him, then pulls out a small disc shaped after Manhattan's symbol. 'Laurie' goes to speak to 'Jane Crawford' about her husband's death, but falls into a trap door and taken to the 'Kavalry' headquarters, where 'Joe' reveals their plan to capture Manhattan to fight against white discrimination. 'Petey' tries to track down 'Looking Glass', finding a fallout shelter filled with bodies of the Kavalry but no sign of him..."

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