Wednesday, November 27, 2019

"Westworld" - Enter Evan Rachel Wood

Actress Evan Rachel Wood aka robot 'Dolores Abernathy' in the HBO TV series "Westworld", poses for "Number One" magazine, photographed by Domino:

" Season 1, 'Westworld' co-founder 'Robert Ford' implements a change in the hosts' programming ostensibly as part of a new narrative for the park, but meant to encourage the park's oldest operating host, 'Dolores' (Wood) to find the proverbial 'center of the maze', representing the ability to achieve sentience, Ford's long-sought goal for the park.

"Other hosts are affected by this change, creating confusion among the park staff and guests, and leading the 'Delos' board to doubt Ford's ability to run the park. Dolores does ultimately gain sentience and at a celebration within the park attended by Delos's board members, Ford announces his new narrative: a revolt by the hosts against the human staff and park guests, which starts with Dolores killing Ford and slaughtering many of the panicked party guests.

" Season 2, in the hours following the massacre of the Delos board members, 'Bernard' and 'Charlotte' take shelter in an underground bunker, where they resolve to work together in locating the decommissioned 'Peter Abernathy' and securing aid. Ten days after Ford's death, Dolores has embarked on a bloody campaign to hunt the survivors. She tells 'Teddy' her programming has caused her personas to merge and that she has greater plans for the hosts.

"'Maeve' recruits 'Hector' and forces 'Lee' to help her find her daughter. 'William', who also survived the massacre, encounters the young Robert Ford host, who reveals that a game designed just for him has commenced. Two weeks later, a security team sent by Delos to reassert control over 'Westworld' finds 'Bernard' and enlists his help in investigating a series of anomalies.

"The end of Season 2 sees Maeve escape the Mesa and reunite with her group, and they, Bernard, Dolores, 'Akecheta', 'William' and Delos all converge on the 'Valley Beyond'. Dolores and Bernard enter first and find the 'Forge', a more advanced version of the 'Cradle'. Dolores reads some of the guest data as the Forge opens 'the Door' for Akecheta and his followers to upload their minds into 'the Sublime', a digital world cut off from the physical world.

"Bernard kills Dolores to prevent her from destroying the Forge and flees with 'Elsie' back to the Mesa. Maeve and her group sacrifice themselves holding off Delos forces to ensure Akecheta and Maeve's daughter escape to the Sublime. Charlotte murders Elsie to keep her quiet, which convinces Bernard to build a host version of Charlotte with Dolores' control unit.

"Dolores kills and replaces 'Charlotte' while Bernard scrambles his own memories. In the present, Dolores kills 'Strand' and Bernard while transferring the host minds in the Sublime to a safer location. She then escapes back to the mainland where she rebuilds Bernard, knowing that he will oppose her plan to destroy humanity and hoping their resulting conflict will ensure the survival of the hosts. In a flash-forward, William enters the Forge to find it abandoned save for Emily, who tests him for 'fidelity', revealing that his consciousness has been implanted in a host body..."

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