Saturday, November 09, 2019

Marvel's "New Mutants"

Take a look at a new launch trailer supporting Marvel Comics' "New Mutants" #1, now available, written by Jonathan Hickman and Ed Brisson, with illustrations by Rod Resis:

"...flashback to the resurrection of 'Wolfsbane', with the return of 'Rahne Sinclair' from the afterlife overseen by 'Storm'.

"While Rahne's return made her content, the resurrection of 'Sunspot', makes him even cockier than before.

"Then on 'Krakoa', 'Doug Ramsey' has established that the body of 'Mondo' can be a conduit for Krakoa's consciousness, while 'New Mutants' founder 'Chamber', book a ride for on the 'Starjammer' ship to visit 'Sam Guthrie', aka 'Cannonball', to bring him home.

"Alienating the 'Starjammers', they leave them behind to take the fall for their latest heist. Then 'Bobby' claims he knows a good space lawyer..."

Click the images to enlkarge and Sneak Peek "The New Mutants"...