Thursday, October 17, 2019

"X-Men" #1 - A Squad of Mutant Powerhouses

Marvel Comics "X-Men" #1, now available, is written by Jonathan Hickman and illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu:

" this new 'Dawn of X', the 'X-Men' find themselves in a whole new world of possibilities, where things have never looked better. Take a look at the saga of 'Cyclops' and his hand-picked squad of mutant powerhouses...

"...including 'Storm', 'Magneto' and 'Polaris' against an 'Orchis' facility attempting to seize their technology and shut down their 'mutant' operations. 

"With the X-Men easily shredding their defenses, the Orchis scientists kill themselves to avoid capture and to preserve their mission.

"The remaining members of the anti-mutant group lament the loss of their compatriots – but reveal a secret ace-in-the-hole, a crystal that can apparently resurrect the dead scientists..."

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