Monday, June 03, 2019

"Fear Street" Producer Shooting In Georgia

Hollywood film producer Peter Chernin will start a legal fund to obstruct a state of Georgia pro-life 'Heartbeat Bill', declaring "we have a moral responsibility to act immediately" while his Chernin Entertainment continues shooting a trilogy of gruesome features in Atlanta, adapting the novels "Fear Street", plus the R-rated 'strip club' TV drama "P-Valley", based on the play "Pussy Valley":

"We were conflicted about contributing to the health of an economy and a state that had declared war on the rights and freedom of its women," said Chernin. 

"On one hand, if we chose the boycott route, thousands of jobs would be lost ultimately damaging workers who rely on production for livelihood, including many women.

"We also know that the only way to fight the massive, now national incursion on women's rights is through a legal battle, a battle that needs funding.

"So our choice became pretty clear we will stay in Georgia, stand shoulder to shoulder with the women of that state and the states under attack, and fight to win...."

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