Friday, March 29, 2019

"The Empty Man" - A Supernatural Entity

BOOM! Studios supernatural comic book title "The Empty Man", will be adapted as a live-action feature film, to be directed by David Prior, opening August 7, 2020, as part of the Walt Disney Company's acquisition of Fox:

"...on the trail of a missing girl, an ex-police officer, comes across a secretive group...

"...attempting to summon a terrifying supernatural entity..."

Cast includes James Badge Dale as 'James Lasombra', Samantha Logan as 'Davara Walsh', Stephen Root as 'Arthur Parsons', Joel Courtney as 'Brandon Maibum', Marin Ireland as 'Nora Quail', Aaron Poole as 'Paul'...

...Adam Ferguson as 'The Tulpa', Owen Teague as 'Duncan West', Evan Jonigkeit as 'Greg', Tanya van Graan as 'Allison Lasombra', Ron Canada as 'Detective Villiers', Robert Aramayo as 'Garrett' and Robert Coutts as 'The Empty Man'.

"Our industry’s soul is its storytelling and artistry," said TCFF CEO, Chairman Stacey Snider.

"...and as we continue to foster an environment at Fox that serves as a home for the world's best storytellers...

"...this investment in BOOM! allows us to work even more closely with their incredible stable of writers and artists...;

"We look forward to the projects we have with them ahead, and are proud to have an opportunity to further energize their storytelling through this partnership."

"Fox's investment will fuel BOOM!’s generation of more original content like 'Lumberjanes'  and 'Grass Kings'", said Ross Richie, CEO and Founder of BOOM! Studios. "Fox has been an incredibly supportive partner and our creative alliance has been tremendously successful – high-level directors, big screenwriters, and marquee talent have found 'BOOM!' an attractive platform. 

"Now 'BOOM!' can greenlight more new series from comic book creators, deepen its distribution relationships, and widen its marketing reach. Great news for our creators, retail partners, and fans."

BOOM! has won the comic book industry's Best Publisher 'Gem Award' seven of the past eight years, numerous 'Eisner' and 'Harvey Awards', plus a series of New York Times best-selling graphic novels.

Currently in film development with Fox, are the BOOM! properties "Irredeemable", director James Wan's "Malignant Man".... 

"Imagine Agents"  and "Lumberjanes".

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