Friday, February 22, 2019

"The Old Guard: Opening Fire"

Image Comics' 21st-Century set, 5-issue series "The Old Guard" (2017), created by writer Greg Rucka and illustrator Leandro Fernández, will be adapted by director Gina Prince-Bythewood ("The Secret Life Of Bees") for Netflix, starring Charlize Theron ("Mad Max: Fury Road) and KiKi Layne ("Native Son") :

"...'The Old Guard' is the story of old soldiers who never die. And yet cannot seem to fade away. Trapped in an immortality without explanation, 'Andromache of Scythia' and her comrades ply their trade for those who can find and afford their services.

"But in the 21st century, immortality is a hard secret to keep, and when you live long enough, you learn that there are many fates worse than death..."

Producers are David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Don Granger, Theron, Beth Kono, AJ Dix and Marc Evans.

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