Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Freak Out Over Walmart's "Superman"

Not since 1950's EC comics and their lurid depictions of homicide, has there been such a parental outcry over Warner Media's Walmart-exclusive "Superman 100-Page Giant" #7 comic book, by writer Tom King and illustrator Andy Kubert, featuring a 12-page story, devoted to the graphic torture and murder of 'Lois Lane':

"It isn't widely available," said writer King. "I'm not even sure people know the story. So here it is: On a mission far from home, 'Superman' tries calling home. 'Lois' doesn't answer. 

"As people do when they can't get in touch with their loved ones, he starts imagining worst case scenarios. Why won't she answer? Images of her demise crowd his thoughts, driving him crazy. In the end, the line connects and Superman and Lois discuss how worried they are about each other."

According to DC Publisher Dan DiDio, the line of Walmart-exclusive 'Giant' books, intended as entry-level books for kids, is "a great way for new readers to get into comics and follow the characters they've grown to love in TV and film..."

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