Tuesday, January 08, 2019

"Captain Marvel" In IMAX

Sneak Peek more new posters supporting Marvel Studios' live-action superhero feature "Captain Marvel", based on the Marvel Comics characters, including the 'Skrull' alien 'Talos' and super-pet 'Goose', opening March 8, 2019, in IMAX and 3D:

"...set in the 1990's, the story follows 'Carol Danvers' as the alien/human hybrid 'Captain Marvel' after the Earth is caught in the center...

"...of an intergalactic conflict between two worlds, borrowing elements from Marvel Comics' "Kree–Skrull War" (1971) comic book story arc.

"Danvers' is an ex-US 'Air Force' pilot and member of an elite 'Kree' military team called 'Starforce'...

"...whose DNA was fused with that of a Kree alien during an accident, embodying her with 'other-worldly' strength, energy projection and flight..."

"I spent months thinking about whether or not I was going to do the film," said Larson...

"...and I realized that it was a chance to tell a story on the largest scale possible. 

"I know it is going to make me lose some of the things I love most about my life, but I think it’s worth it.

"I find that the projects I enjoy signing up to at the moment are with a director who's interested in the script...

"... isn't completely sure what the movie is and isn't concerned about it. 

"He's just interested in going on the journey and discovering it.

"We have to choose every day to be active participants. To wake up in the morning and choose this life and make something of it is an incredible thing. 

"Not many living creatures have that option. We have so many opportunities and options - it's a huge burden, but it's also the most freeing part of our lives..."

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