Thursday, October 11, 2018

Paramount Gets Behind "Magic 8 Ball" ?

Long in development, Paramount and toy manufacturer Mattel's planned "Magic 8 Ball" live-action feature sits with a screenplay by Jon Gunn and John Mann:

"Magic 8 Ball" was invented in 1946 by Albert Carter, son of a clairvoyant, who marketed and sold the device with Abe Bookman of the Alabe Crafts Company.

The hollow, plastic sphere resembling an oversized billiard 8-ball, contains a cylindrical reservoir containing a white, plastic, 'icosahedral' die floating in alcohol and a dissolved dark blue dye. 

The die is hollow, with openings in each face, allowing the die to fill with fluid, giving the plastic die buoyancy. Each of the 20 faces of the die has an affirmative, negative, or non-committal statement printed in raised letters, with a transparent window on the bottom through which the messages can be read.

Typical answers include:

● As I see it, yes
● It is certain
● It is decidedly so
● Most likely
● Outlook good
● Signs point to yes
● Without a doubt
● Yes
● Yes - definitely
● You may rely on it
● Reply hazy, try again
● Ask again later
● Better not tell you now
● Cannot predict now
● Concentrate and ask again
● Don't count on it
● My reply is no
● My sources say no
● Outlook not so good
● Very doubtful

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