Monday, October 15, 2018

"Arrow" and "The Flash" - Best Stunt

According to the Union of British Columbia Performers, the 7th annual "UBCP/ACTRA Awards", a peer-adjudicated performer awards show, has nominated a group of stunt performers from The CW's "Arrow" episodes "Brothers In Arms", "Life Sentence" and "Shifting Allegiances", plus "The Flash" episode "Think Fast", as they all compete for a 'Best Stunt' award, December 8, 2018 at the Vancouver Playhouse:

And the Nominees for Best Stunt (2018) are:

"Arrow' - Season 6 - "Brothers in Arms"
Stunt Coordinator: Eli Zagoudakis
Stunt Performers: Will Erichson, Curtis Braconnier

"Arrow" - Season 6 - "Life Sentence"
Stunt Coordinator Curtis Braconnier
Stunt Performer: Eli Zagoudakis

"Arrow" - Season 6 - "Shifting Allegiances"
Stunt Coordinator: Eli Zagoudakis
Stunt Performers: JJ Makaro, Curtis Braconnier

"The Flash" - Season 4 - "Think Fast"
Stunt Coordinators: Jon Kralt and Trevor Addie
Stunt Performers: Chad Bellamy, Adam Chase, Mark Chin Ken Do, Lucius Fairburn, Kevin Fortin, Kevin Haaland , Zen Humpage Cody Laudan, Brian Lydiatt, Ryan Moss, James Mowatt, Jesse Pierce, Matt Reimer, Shawn Robidoux, Chris Webb, Mike Wu

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Brothers In Arms", "Life Sentence", "Shifting Allegiances" and "Think Fast"...