Tuesday, July 10, 2018

"Spawn" Movie Updates

According to reports, actor Jeremy Renner aka 'Hawkeye' in the 'Marvel Cinematic Universe' has joined the cast of director Todd McFarlane's long-gestating comic book movie "Spawn", starring Jamie Foxx as 'Al Francis' a former 'Marine' resurrected as a supernatural crime-fighter:

Renner will play 'Detective Maximillian Steven Percival "Twitch" Williams III',  a brilliant mathematician, using his knowledge of angles to become an excellent marksman, handling twin pistols with extreme accuracy and efficiency.

"As a first-time feature film director, I'm humbled by the level of talented people putting their trust into my film project," said "Spawn" creator, writer/illustrator and toy designer Todd McFarlane.

"I want to keep it small, keep it tight...

"I wouldn’t ask to be a newbie director on a script that was going to have an eighty million budget for it. 

"Why? Because as a CEO of my own corporation, I wouldn’t take that deal. I wouldn’t stick out $80 million and go, ‘they’re going to put a rookie and he’s going to basically be in charge of it.’ So I’ve created this tight little one..."

"...Al Francis, a 'US Marine' working for a 'CIA' black ops unit is killed in battle and sent to hell for his war crimes. There, he sells his soul to a demon in exchange for being allowed to see his wife again.

"Transformed into the demonic warrior 'Spawn', he fights to regain his mind and control of his destiny, while being torn between both good and evil destinies..."

The first "Spawn" feature (1997) starred Michael Jai White, directed by Mark A.Z. Dippe.

The character was also featured in a 3-season HBO animated series starring Keith David.

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