Sunday, July 29, 2018

"Jupiter's Legacy", "Empress" and "Huck" On Netflix

Netflix continues developing adaptations of "Millarworld" comic books including the live-action TV series "Jupiter's Legacy", "American Jesus" and the feature films "Empress" and "Huck":

"...'Jupiter's Legacy' (2013) explores the generational conflict between a group of aging superheroes aka the 'Union' and their children, who are daunted by the prospect of living up to their parents' legacy. Other conflicts and themes include sociopolitical and economic differences among the older heroes and the end of capitalism...

"In "American Jesus" (2009), imagine you're twelve years old and suddenly discover that you are the returned 'savior'. What do you and your family do, and how does it affect you knowing that you're destined to grow up and take part in a conflict that people have been waiting almost two thousand years for?..."

"In 'Empress' (200) 'Anita Fite', daughter of 'Donald Fite' of the 'All Purpose Enforcement Squad', grew up learning 'Haitian Voodoo' from her mother and grandmother, until her mother was killed by the villain 'Agua Sin Gaaz'. Anita starts operating as superhero 'Empress', inspired to become a crime-fighter..."

"In 'Huck' (2015), 'Huck' was left in an orphanage when he was just a baby. When he grew older, the town considered him a blessing and rarity the way he helped others, happy to keep him a secret from the rest of the world. However, Huck saw a news report reporting 200 schoolgirls in Boko Haram, Nigeria had been kidnapped. Huck flew over and rescued the schoolgirls from the terrorists, requesting the girls keep his identity secret. However, the following day Huck awoke and found his house surrounded by the media..."

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