Friday, May 11, 2018

Hollywood Winners Online

Popular 'casino games' featured in Hollywood movies include blackjack, poker, craps, baccarat, roulette, slots, video poker and a whole lot more:

While classic early movies included baccarat and roulette, modern films highlight card games of poker and blackjack.

In "Casino Royale" (2006), superspy '007', switched from the 'chemin de fer' game he played in author Ian Fleming's book to 'Texas Hold 'Em' poker.

Bond lost at first, then came back to win it all.

Poker is also featured in Old West 'cowboy' movies that included games of 'draw poker' in which not only cards were drawn, but pistols were drawn as well to sort out winners from the losers.

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Roulette also featured in director John Huston's 1942 feature "Casablanca" starring Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart.

 In that movie the strategy was to bet on '22' which won twice in succession.

Roulette also featured in the movie "Indecent Proposal" starring Demi Moore, Robert Redford and Woody Harrelson.

Harrelson’s character lost all his money by betting on red – it came up black – which created a situation in which Redford's character paid a million dollars to spend a night with Moore's character. The rest is history...

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