Sunday, April 29, 2018

"Watchmen" TV on HBO

Take a look at the casting breakdowns for HBO's "Watchmen" live-action TV pilot, directed by Nicole Kassell ("The Leftovers") based on DC Comics 12-issue comic book mini-series (1986) that starts shooting May 2018:

'Angela Abraham': African-American female cop. Independent and intelligent, she’s also a realist. She’s married to Cal, with whom she has a daughter and is fiercely protective of them both.

'Cal Abraham': African-American male who is the stay-at-home husband of Angela. While he seems at home as the king of his castle and being a loving husband and father, it’s clear his past has a different story to tell.

'Looking Glass': A good looking cop, the native Oklahoman isn’t simple as his rural accent makes him appear to be. A top interrogator and behavioral scientist, he may also be a bit of a sociopath.

'Panda': An ethnic desk cop, he’s cynical and tough and puts his job first. Not a friend to many, he uses comedy to keep people at bay.

'Red Scare': mob connected, track suit wearing cop. His Russian accent lends to his abrasiveness.

'Pirate Jenny': An androgynous and lustful cop, Jenny is an anarchist at heart.

'Jane Crawford': The wife of the police chief, Jane is a veterinarian who's sharper than her guarded persona lets on.

'Old Man': A former cop who is still an imposing figure despite his age.

"You can't be dangerous for dangerous' sake," said series executive producer Damon Lindelof, "but the reason that I'm doing this is these are dangerous times and we need dangerous shows.

"What we think about superheroes is wrong. I love the Marvel movies...and I'm all for 'Wonder Woman' and 'Batman' and I grew up on these characters, but we should not trust people who put on masks and say that they are looking out for us..."

With the release of  director Zack Snyder's "Watchmen" (2009)  'Director's Cut' & 'Ultimate Cut', the brand has developed and maintained a strong fan base over the years.

"...The 'Minutemen', a team of costumed crime fighters, was formed in 1939 in response to a rise in costumed gangs and criminals. The 'Watchmen' was similarly formed decades later.

"Their existence has dramatically affected world events: in particular, the superpowers of 'Doctor Manhattan' helped the United States win the Vietnam War, resulting in 'President Richard Nixon' being reelected.

"Doctor Manhattan gives the West a strategic advantage over the Soviet Union, which by the 1980's threatens to escalate the 'Cold War' into a nuclear war.

"During that time, growing anti-vigilante sentiment in the country leads to masked crime-fighters being outlawed. 

"While many of the heroes retire, Doctor Manhattan and the 'Comedian' operate as government-sanctioned agents...

"...and 'Rorschach' continues to operate outside the law..."

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