Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Ridley Scott: "Strange Angel"

Actress Elena Satine ("Revenge") has been cast in the biopic drama series "Strange Angel" from Ridley Scott's Scott Free Productions, based on George Pendle's book of the same name, set in a world of 'sex magic', occult rites and supernatural ceremonies during 1930's Hollywood:

"...'John (Jack) Parsons', a brilliant chemist, maverick rocketeer, and inventor of rocket fuel, had been performing mystic rites and summoning spirits as a follower of 'the beast' Aleister Crowley.

"Fueled from childhood by dreams of space flight, Parsons was a crucial innovator during rocketry's birth. 

"But his visionary imagination also led him into the occult community thriving in 1930's Los Angeles...

"...leading to his death in a mysterious explosion at age thirty-seven..."

Satine will play 'Maggie', who makes a living designing costumes for RKO Pictures when she meets up with Parsons.

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