Tuesday, November 14, 2017

"Avengers: No Surrender"

Sneak Peek issues #679 – #682 of the "Avengers: No Surrender" comic book event, illustrated by Kim Jacinto, with covers by Mark Brooks, combining the rosters of superhero teams 'Avengers', 'U.S. Avengers' and 'Uncanny Avengers', available January 2018:

"...the 'Lethal Legion' will be making a comeback when they go up against one of the worst crews in the universe – the 'Black Order'. The event will revolve around heroes from all corners of the 'Marvel Universe' coming together to figure out how and why the Earth was stolen..."

"Creating new characters in the 'Marvel Universe' has been a blast," said series writer Jim Zub.

"I can’t wait for people to find out more about 'Voyager', the 'Challenger', and the new members of the Lethal Legion our crew put together. This is classic super heroic action on a massive scale..."

Marvel Comics' "Avengers" #673, now available, is written by Mark Waid  and illustrated by Javier Pina, Paco Diaz, with a cover by Alex Ross.

" 'Worlds Collide' Part 3, the electrifying team-up between the 'Avengers' and the 'Champions' continues...

" the 'The High Evolutionary' puts into motion an event that will destroy not one but two 'Earths' -- and neither the Avengers or the Champions has the power to stop it..."

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