Wednesday, September 27, 2017

"Blade Runner 2049" Director Mounting "Cleopatra"

"Blade Runner 2049" director Denis Villeneuve is in early talks to direct Sony’s "Cleopatra", based on author Stacy Schiff’s best-selling book "Queen Of The Nile, Cleopatra: A Life", in a big budget feature, with actress Angelina Jolie originally attached to star:

Actress Elizabeth Taylor previously played "Cleopatra" in the 1963 feature of the same name.

The historical 'Cleopatra VII Philopator', believed to be the 
re-incarnation and embodiment of a goddess...

... was the last person to rule Egypt as a 'pharaoh'. After she died, Egypt became a Roman province.

"...her palace shimmered with onyx and gold but was richer still in political and sexual intrigue. Above all else, 'Cleopatra' was a shrewd strategist and an ingenious negotiator. 

"She had children by both 'Julius Caesar' and 'Mark Antony', two of the most prominent Romans of the day. With Antony she would attempt to forge a new empire, in an alliance that spelled both their ends..."

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