Monday, August 21, 2017

Cara Delevingne Covers "Elle"

Sneak Peek new revealing images of "Suicide Squad" actress Cara Delevingne, in the September 2017 issue of "Elle" fashion magazine, photographed by Kai Z Feng:

"I want to make sure that kids realize that emotions and vulnerability are important and should be spoken about," said Delevingne.

'It's about being in the moment and being yourself. You can't think about being empowered. It's a feeling that comes from inside.

'I've always had this wonderful connection with teenagers…I have an opportunity to really be there for them and help…be a voice for teens and be honest as to how I suffered as a teenager. Life is a beautiful mixture of wonderful disaster, but to truly love yourself is so important..."

Delevingne is in the "Chanel Gabrielle" campaign, in a rotoscoped, animated film by Japanese director Shishi Yamazaki:

"...Delevingne is a freewheeling skateboarder who discovers the 'Gabrielle' bags by chance. Pairing the handbags with her streetwear-heavy outfit, she continues to explore her dream-like world..."

"Embrace your weirdness," said Delevingne. "I am unprofessionally a professional human being. Eyebrow and life enthusiast.... Stop Labeling. Start Living..."

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