Monday, June 26, 2017

"Turn: Washington's Spies" - "Nightmare"

Sneak Peek new images, plus footage from "Nightmare" the next episode Of "Turn: Washington's Spies", airing July 1, 2017 on AMC:

"...a mutiny erupts in camp. 

"The 'Culper Ring' must chart a new course. 

"''Benedict Arnold' finds an unlikely ally. 

"'Rivington' teaches 'Townsend' a lesson..."

What is interesting to some viewers of the series, is the evil villain portrayal of Brit officer 'John Graves Simcoe' (Samuel Roukin)...

...even though the real Simcoe was first in the Americas to pass the 'Act Against Slavery' (1793), leading to the abolition of slavery in Upper Canada (Ontario) by 1810. He also founded the city of York, aka 'Toronto'.

" 1776 and 1777, a New York farmer and his childhood friends form an unlikely group of spies, called the 'Culper Ring', who eventually help turn the tide during the 'American Revolutionary War'.

"The series begins October 1776, shortly after British victories recaptured Long Island, Staten Island, and New York City for the British Crown and left 'General George Washington' and his army in desperate straits.

"Autumn 1776. Insurgents have declared war against the 'Crown'. Following a successful naval landing, 'His Majesty's Army' has forced Washington's rebels into the wilderness. 

New York City serves as military base of operations for the British. The Loyalists of nearby Long Island keep vigilant watch out for sympathizers, and spies..."

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