Monday, June 05, 2017

"Professor M and The Wonder Women"

Sneak Peek the first teaser footage from director Angela Robinson's "Professor M and The Wonder Women", that follows the true story of 1940's-era "Wonder Woman" creator Dr. William Moulton Marston and the two live-in women that defined the sado-masochistic bondage influence during the early adventures of DC Comics' super-powered 'Amazonian' warrior:

"Wonder Woman' was created in the 1940's by Harvard-trained psychologist Dr. William Moulton Marston, writing under the byline 'Charles Moulton'. 

Among Marston's many world views was that civilization was reverting into a 'matriarchy' and that females would ultimately use innate powers of 'sexual enslavement' to achieve dominance over men. 

These theories secured Marston the position of 'consulting psychologist' to womens' magazine 'Family Circle'...

...and in an interview published October 25, 1940, he touted the positive aspects of the booming war-time comic book industry.

His comments were well received by publisher M. C. Gaines of "All American Comics", sister company of DC Comics leading to Marston's appointment to the 'Editorial Advisory Board' of both companies.

Marston submitted his first comic book script "Suprema, the Wonder Woman" to DC Comics with illustrations by artist 'Harry Peter' (!) 

In 1942, the 'Suprema' name was dropped, and "Wonder Woman" debuted in "All Star Comics 8" (December 1941-January 1942), going on to feature in "Sensation Comics" and "Wonder Woman".

As Marston continued to infuse female 'dominance' themes throughout his scripts for "Wonder Woman"...

...his assistant "Dotsie" Richard moved in with him and his wife Elizabeth, with Marston fathering two children by each woman.

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