Monday, September 19, 2016

"The Originals: A Closer Walk With Thee"

Sneak Peek footage, images and synopsis from "The Originals" episode "A Closer Walk with Thee", written by Carina Adly MacKenzie, Julie Plec and directed by Sylvain White, that aired April 29, 2014 on The CW:

"...'Hayley' (Phoebe Tonkin) confronts a surprising enemy as she and her unborn baby fall into peril during a celebratory wake to honor a fallen member of the community. 

"In order to save Hayley, 'Klaus' (Joseph Morgan) and 'Elijah' (Daniel Gillies) enlist the help of 'Genevieve' (Elyse Levesque) who struggles to maintain control over 'Davina' (Danielle Campbell) and the other young witches.

"'Cami' (Leah Pipes) tells 'Marcel' (Charles Michael Davis) that 'Francesca' (Peta Sargent) is determined to find a mysterious key that may unlock a family secret.

"Meanwhile, as Klaus suffers from nightmares of his father 'Mikael' (Sebastian Roche), he is forced to examine his troubled relationship with his own adoptive son..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "The Originals: A Closer Walk With Thee"...