Thursday, June 16, 2016

"Iron Man 3" - Rebecca Hall Gets "Bazaar"

Take another look @ actress Rebecca Hall, aka 'Maya Hansen' in "Iron Man 3", posing for a classic edition of "Harper's Bazaar" (UK) magazine:

"It's one thing we loved about the comic book," said "Iron Man 3" director Shane Black, "which was that 'Maya' is someone 'Tony' meets in one capacity at one point in his life, and he proves to be touched by that encounter. 

"We needed a snappy and exciting actor to play the part, and not make it this 'female scientist who takes off her glasses and suddenly she's beautiful." 

"Maya is a scientist who makes a pretty astounding discovery that leads her to places," said Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige about the character, "and some are healthier than others. It's not dissimilar to what Tony's been through, and it's a great parallel..."

Debuting in Marvel Comics' "Iron Man #1 (2006 series), 'Maya Hansen'  was one of the most respected and well known bio-technologists in her field. 

She developed her notoriety through her work at reprogramming the brain and it was during a conference that she first befriended a young 'Tony Stark'. 

As the years passed Maya's breakthrough research afforded her the ability to work on the development of the next 'Super-Soldier' formula, which a generation ago had created 'Captain America'.

She developed 'Extremis' that could recode human genes, leaving the host with improved organs and super powers. When she learned that she was going to lose her research funding, Maya came up with the idea that if she could get a test subject to fight and conquer 'Iron Man', she could prove her theory's potential. She stole Extremis and  put it into the hands of terrorists, who injected a test-subject named 'Mallen'. She then contacted Tony Stark feigning distress to ultimately maneuver him into a confrontation with the Extremis-enhanced terrorist.

Stark eventually stopped Mallen, with Maya's help, by becoming Extremis-enhanced himself. Because of her involvement, Maya was sent to prison for her actions. But Stark used his position as Director of 'SHIELD' to commute Maya's sentence and have her placed in his custody, quickly becoming romantically involved.

Meanwhile the villain the 'Mandarin' acquired Extremis, with a plan to wipe out the majority of the human race using an airborne version of  the process.

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