Friday, June 24, 2016

"Mockingbird" - 'Bobbi' Saves 'Hawkeye'

Take a look @ Marvel Comics' "Mockingbird" #4, available June 29, 2016, written by Chelsa Cain and illustrated by Kate Niemczyk, with covers by Joelle Jones:

"...'Clint Barton' aka 'Hawkeye' is about to be dissected by rogue scientists in an underwater base at the bottom of the 'Marianas Trench'.

"It's up to 'Bobbi Morse' aka 'Mockingbird' to save him..."

'Mockingbird' debuted in Marvel Comics' "Astonishing Tales" #6 (1971) as a supporting character and eventual love interest of 'Ka-Zar'. 

She first uses the code-name Mockingbird in "Marvel Team-Up" #95 (July 1980), and goes on to become a member of the 'Avengers'.

While she has no superpowers, 'Mockingbird' is a trained 'S.H.I.E.L.D.' agent, with a PhD in biology...

...proficient in several forms of hand-to-hand combat and a wide range of weapons.

She usually uses a pair of batons which can be combined... form a single bō-staff in combat.

To cope with a mortal injury she sustained in a mission, Mockingbird was injected with an experimental drug containing the 'Super Soldier Serum'...

...that gave 'Captain America' his strength and the 'Infinity Formula' that slowed down the aging of 'Nick Fury'..."

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