Tuesday, June 07, 2016

"Justice League Dark"

The next Warners Entertainment animated feature will be based on DC Comics "Justice League Dark", a superhero team that debuted in "Justice League Dark" #1 (November 2011), featuring 'John Constantine', 'Madame Xanadu', 'Deadman', 'Shade, The Changing Man' and 'Zatanna':

"...'Madame Xanadu' organizes the group called 'Justice League Dark' when she foresees a terrible future only they can prevent. They are assembled to stop the 'Enchantress' when she goes on a rampage after being separated from her host 'June Moone'.

"Enchantress begins to go insane and Xanadu gives her the names of those working against her. John Constantine and Zatanna work together to cast incantations. Madame Xanadu has 'Shade the Changing Man' reluctantly recruit 'Mindwarp'.

"'Deadman' tries to protect June, but Enchantress finally captures her when Shade messes up a spell. The team meets for the first time in their final battle with Enchantress, which ends when Constantine bonds her to June Moone again.

"He sacrifices her life to protect hundred of others. When Xanadu tries to rally them as a team, they all angrily refuse her. But Constantine, Deadman, Shade and Zatanna begin having horrible nightmares and visit Xanadu again. She reveals that these are visions of what will come if they don't form a team...and they become the 'Justice League Dark'..."

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