Saturday, February 20, 2016

"Vampirella" Archives

Take a look @ Dynamite Entertainment's "Vampirella" Archives Volume 14, collecting Warren Publishing's "Vampirella" magazines #97-103, written by Anton Caravana, Nicola Cuti, Kevin Duane, Archie Goodwin, Scott Hampton, Bruce Jones, Val Lakey, Esteban Maroto, Rich Margopoulos, Timothy Moriarty, Noly Panaligan, Carl Wessler, art by Auraleon, Luis Bermejo, Laura Buscemi, Enrich, Alfonso Font, Jose Gonzalez, Scott Hampton, Ken Kelly, John Lakey, Val Lakey, Esteban Maroto, Gonzalo Mayo, Jose Ortiz, Leopold Sanchez, Sanjulian and Felix Santos, with a cover by Enrich, available May 2016:

"...behold the tome of spine-chilling terror and mind-blowing fantasy to haunt your dreams at night. 

"Explore the hidden vaults of the Warren Publishing library with horror hostess extraordinaire 'Vampirella', thrilling to some of her finest and most fear-fraught adventures from yesteryear, plus an intoxicating selection of the era's best horror and science fiction stories.

"As you face 'Haitian Voodoo' and star beasts, zombie hordes and the 'Blood Red Queen,' you'll witness the storytelling magic of such luminaries as...

"...Archie Goodwin, Bruce Jones, Auraleon, Jose Ortiz, Rich Margopoulos and a whole lot more..."

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