Saturday, February 20, 2016

Movie Theaters Clean Up Your Act

From the movie review site "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.Ca":

"...until major movie theater chains clean up their act, including seats, arm-rests, cup-holders, etc. after each showing, we will wait to review first-run films because we can't handle movie theater bed-bugs, cockroaches, spiders and other biting categories that only come out in the dark.

"It is one thing to casually sweep up sticky floors after each showing, clearing away popcorn, paper cups, spilled drinks and candy bar wrappers...

"...but the stuff you can't see on and in the seats is beyond gross. 

"What the hell, after paying top dollar to see movies, do we also have to invest in a hazmat suit to stop bringing home infestations of pests and cooties? 

"And if you don't believe any of this drool, just google 'dirty movie theaters' and you will see how the health and well-being of movie patrons is being sacrificed for the 'bottom line'...

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