Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Live-Action "Night On Bald Mountain"

According to reports, Disney is developing a live-action film based on the occult "Night on Bald Mountain" musical sequence from the 1940 animated feature "Fantasia", that highlighted a 'witches sabbath' and dark winged creature that could raise the dead:

"...'Voyslava' and her father 'Mstivoy', the 'Prince of Retra', have poisoned 'Mlada', the betrothed of 'Yaromir', 'Prince of Arkona'.

"Then  Voyslava sells her soul to 'Morena', an evil goddess, to obtain her aid in making Yaromir forget Mlada so she may have him to herself.

"But the ghost of Mlada leads Yaromir up the slopes of 'Mt. Triglav' to a pine wood in a gorge on top of the mountain, while her 'shade' joins a gathering of the spirits of the dead. She expresses her wish to be reunited with Yaromir in the kingdom of dead souls. And he is eager to join her.

"However, evil spirits appear, singing a demonic language. Morena calls on 'Chernobog' to help make Yaromir forsake Mlada.

'Kashchey' determines that Morena and Chernobog will be successful if Yaromir is seduced by another. Chernobog commands Yaromir's soul to separate from his body, and for 'Queen Cleopatra' to appear. 

"In Egypt, the shade of Cleopatra attempts to entice Yaromir's soul with a seductive dance. She almost succeeds in doing so when a rooster announcing the break of day causes the entire 'infernal host' to vanish. Yaromir awakens and ponders the mysterious events he has witnessed..."

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