Saturday, March 07, 2015

'Spider-Man' In "Captain America: Civil War"

Take another look @ Marvel Comics' "Civil War" storyline that includes 'Spider-Man', on news the character will appear in Anthony and Joe Russo's prepping Marvel Studios feature "Captain America: Civil War":

"...according to the Marvel Comics' storyline, 'Peter Parker' aka 'Spider-Man', previously a 'lone wolf' vigilante, joins the 'Avengers' as a team-player, while working for 'Tony Stark' as his right-hand man, still keeping his identity secret from the public at large.

"Then comes the congressional 'Superhero Registration Act', with Stark pro-registration, sucking up to the government, convincing Spidey to do the right thing and reveal his secret vigilante identity to the world. Peter eventually decides it's time to reveal himself, calls a press conference and tells the world he is 'Spider-Man'.

"But things go bad, Mary Jane' and 'Aunt May' are threatened by vengeful 'Spidey' villains and Spidey takes off, with Stark determined to bring him back into the fold, contracting supervillains to help rein him in.

"But Spidey is saved by the 'Punisher'...

"...and joins 'Captain America' on the 'anti-registration' side. Cap and Spidey attempt to free superheroes locked up by Stark on behalf of the government, and all hell breaks loose in New York City, with Spidey fighting valiantly and Cap finally surrendering to the authorized forces of civil law and order...

"But then things take a turn for the worse..."

Click the images to enlarge, Sneak Peek a fan trailer, plus footage from "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"...