Friday, November 14, 2014

More "Sons Of Anarchy: Suits Of Woe"

Sneak Peek new images from the "Sons Of Anarchy", Season 7 episode, "Suits Of Woe", written by Peter Elkoff, Mike Daniels, Kurt Sutter and directed by Jack Bender, airing November 18, 2014 on FX, plus take a look @ more Season 7 video updates from "SOA" series creator Kurt Sutter:

"...after the events that led to the death of 'Tara' at the hands of 'Gemma Teller', 'Jax' was in jail, obviously reeling from the sudden loss of his true love and anchor to all that is 'good'.

"He starts off by making new alliances and shaking up the old ones in pursuit of his wife's killers - as Gemma has given him intel on who did it.

"'Juice' is in hiding and desperately wants to gain redemption with his club as he is lost without them. The club is behind Jax all the way and is shaping up to proving that loyalty through many ups and downs. Gemma is fighting her own demons in coping with what she did and all is not 'on the level' with her.

"Jax oldest son is growing up...some might say a little too fast due to what he has to deal with and what he discovers, as 'Jax' comes face to face with an ugly truth..."

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