Saturday, October 25, 2014


Sneak Peek director Dan Gilroy's "Nightcrawler", starring Jake Gyllenhaal as a 'nightcrawling' freelance news videographer:

"...when dusk falls on Los Angeles, the 'nightcrawlers' come out. Roaming the streets, cameras at the ready, they outrace ambulances to get to the scene of an accident or crime first, looking to bag footage they can sell to local television stations.

"'Lou Bloom' (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a loner and petty thief adrift in the LA night when he happens upon the nightcrawlers in action. He gets himself a cheap video camera and a police radio scanner and begins the chase. Fresh car accidents, robbery victims, home invasions -- everything is fair game. But the competition is stiff: 'Joe Loder' (Bill Paxton) is already a seasoned professional with police contacts and a reliable buyer in TV producer 'Nina' (Rene Russo)..."

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