Thursday, January 02, 2014

Cate Blanchett Covers "Elle"

Sneak Peek Australian actress Cate Blanchett ("Blue Jasmine") in the January 2014 issue of "Elle" (Canada) fashion magazine:

"...last year I made two movies," said Blanchett.

" with Terrence Malick and one with Woody Allen...and both experiences couldn’t have been more different! Woody obviously is very interested in the tensions between the dialogue, the actors and the situation. 

"Whereas with Terry, you don’t really know what the finished story will be. He is more about the atmosphere, the poetry within people and spiritual yearnings."

"...I’m not always interested in large roles onscreen. I’m more interested in making the space to keep experimenting as an actor. 

"What’s important when you’re working on a film is that you want to work with a director who is going to collaborate with you or who is interested in what you can offer."

About her role in "Blue Jasmine", Blanchett said that "Post-financial crisis, so many men and women have had their worlds shattered and they have fallen from grace.

"And, like 'Jasmine', they have had to look at themselves directly in the mirror and reinvent themselves and find out who they are without their social standing, without economic security. I think this story is very current. 

"The unique thing about 'Jasmine', however, is that she has been a fantasist and has never had a firm grip on who she is or on reality..."

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