Monday, September 09, 2013

'Tara Chace' For "Queen & Country"

On the news of Mark Millar's "The Secret Service" getting the green light starring Oscar winner Colin Firth, comes news that Oscar-nominated "Juno" actress Ellen Page is in negotiations to play the character 'Tara Chace', in a big screen adaptation of creator Greg Rucka's Oni 'spy' comic book series "Queen & Country", as a potential female-led, action franchise for Fox.

The screenplay is being written by John Rogers for producers Peter Chernin and Jenno Topping.

"Queen & Country" was inspired by the Brit ITV television series "The Sandbaggers" (1978-1980), created by Ian Mackintosh.

"...'Tara Chace' is an operative of the 'Special Operations Section' of 'SIS', aka the 'Minders', portraying the bureaucracy and politics that government agents deal with, including dangerous missions..."

Recurring characters in the series include 'Director of Operations Paul Crocker', 'Deputy Chief of Service Donald Weldon', 'Chief of Service Frances Barclay', aka 'C', 'Mission Control Officer' and 'Main Communications Officer Alexis and former 'Head of Special Section Tom Wallace'.

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