Monday, April 22, 2013

"Thor: The Dark World" - The Coming Of 'Jane Foster'

Sneak Peek the new trailer from "Thor: The Dark World".

"We’re going to see 'the other side' of 'Asgard'", said Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige about the upcoming 3D sequel, with Oscar winner Natalie Portman ("The Black Swan") returning as Thor's earthly lover 'Jane Foster'.

"And by bringing director Alan Taylor into the mix, with his expertise on 'The Sopranos', 'Mad Men' and 'Game of Thrones', we came up with a take..." said executive producer Craig Kyle.

"Allowing us to get more into the nooks and crannies of 'Asgard' and its people".

"We spend more time on the ground with the commoners, as opposed to in the palace."

Kyle said that as well as the return of 'Loki', "Thor: The Dark World' will also introduce a group of "rag-tag invaders known as 'The Marauders'.

This will pave the way for the 'Dark Elves' and 'Malekith' to make their move against 'Thor' and 'The Nine Realms'.

"Its's a very complicated blend", said Kyle. "'Thor' is, until 'Guardians of the Galaxy' hits, by far our most wild, fringe Marvel piece. But that's why it's the Marvel Universe and not Marvel Earth..."

As for the romantic relationship between 'commoner' Jane and thunder god Thor, it will intensify, "...but it's not all polished and golden in this film," said Feige.

"The events of the 'Avengers' will have affected 'Thor' for sure".

Debuting in Marvel Comics' "Journey into Mystery' #84 (1962), 'Jane Foster' was a nurse for 'Dr. Don Blake' and over time developed romantic feelings for him, torn between 'the lame Doctor' and the heroic Thor. 

Unknown to her at the time, Blake and Thor were the same person. This situation continued until Thor, defying the orders of his father 'Odin', revealed his secret identity to Jane.

Jane was immediately transported to 'Asgard' and given the powers of 'immortality'. 

But unable to cope with her new powers, she starts to lose her mind on the verge of a breakdown.

Fearing for her sanity, she pleads to be put back on Earth as she once was. Odin, upset at her 'unworthiness' to be a goddess, grants her request, takes back her immortality, gives her amnesia and whisks her back to her earthly human existence.

Back on Earth, Jane meets 'Dr. Keith Kincaid' and has a son with him. As the years pass, Jane becomes ill on the verge of death. 

But Norse warrior goddess 'Sif', a former teenage lover of Thor, sad to see the thunder god heart-broken, infuses her own life force with Jane, who miraculously recovers her health and lost memories, rekindling her love for Thor.

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