Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Thanos" Creator Wants "Dreadstar" Movie

Writer/illustrator Jim Starlin, the creator of 'Thanos', the Marvel Comics' character, appearing briefly in the Disney/Marvel Studios feature "The Avengers" was delighted with the live-action interpretation of his cosmic villain. 
"It's nice to see my work recognized as being worth something beyond the printed page," said Starlin. "Hopefully Thanos' walk-on in 'The Avengers' will give a boost to a number of my own properties that are in various stages of development for film, including 'Dreadstar' and 'Breed'.

Starlin's 'Dreadstar", a 64-issue comic book series, debuted in 1982 through American publisher Epic Comics, an imprint of Marvel Comics. 

'Vanth Dreadstar', sole survivor of the 'Milky Way' and his crew, including cyborg sorcerer 'Syzygy Darklock'  struggle to end an ancient war between 2 evil empires,  'The Church of The Instrumentality', run by 'Lord Papal' and the 'Monarchy', administered by a puppet king.

 The original six-issue limited series of "Breed" was published January-June 1994, with "Breed II' running from November 1994 -April 1995 :

" 1949, a small town in Texas is wiped out by a mysterious force. But one girl was found comatose and pregnant. A Captain  adopted the boy and raised him as his own. During the Vietnam War, the now grown boy, 'Raymond Stone', was ambushed by enemy forces and survived by 'transforming'. After being discharged and an attempt at living in New York, Raymond discovers another world called 'Elsewhere'.  There he meets a mysterious woman named 'Rachel', who reveals that both of them are 'Breeds', hybrids of demons and humans. Most are raised by the demons to be their minions, although they were not. She then teaches him about how demons invade Earth to hunt and find women to breed with..."

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