Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Girl In Progess": Growing Up Means Acting Your Age

Sneak Peek a new poster supporting Pantelion Films' upcoming comedy/drama, "Girl In Progress", directed by Patricia Riggen. Written by Hiram Martinez, the film stars Eva Mendes, Matthew Modine, Cierra Ramirez, Patricia Arquette, Raini Rodriguez and Eugenio Derbez :

"...'Grace' (Mendes) is a single mom, too busy juggling work, bills and the very married 'Dr. Hartford' (Modine), to give her daughter, 'Ansiedad' (Ramirez) the attention she desperately needs.

"When Ansiedad's English teacher, 'Ms. Armstrong' (Arquette), introduces her students to classic coming-of-age stories, Ansiedad is inspired to skip adolescence and jump-start her life without mom..."

"While Grace becomes preoccupied with the increasing affections of her co-worker (Derbez), Ansiedad enlists the help of her loyal friend, 'Tavita' (Rodriguez), to plot her shortcut to 'adulthood'. But as her misguided plan unravels, Ansiedad and Grace must learn that sometimes growing-up means acting your age..."

The new film opens April 27, 2012.

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Girl In Progress"...