Monday, January 30, 2012

"The Almighty Johnsons" : Frigg That

Sneak Peek "The Almighty Johnsons", a New Zealand-lensed fantasy comedy/drama TV series created by James Griffin and Rachel Lang, produced by South Pacific Pictures.

"...on his 21st birthday, student 'Axl Johnson' discovers that he and his family members are reincarnated Norse gods.

"The only problem is, they don't have full control of their powers and it is up to Axl (the reincarnation of 'Odin') to restore those powers, while ensuring the family's survival by finding the reincarnation of Odin's wife, 'Frigg'.

"Matters are complicated by the presence of four antagonistic Norse goddesses who are trying to find Frigg before the Johnsons do to prevent the restoration of the gods' powers.

"But the Johnsons and the band of goddess rivals aren't the only Norse deities living in exile in New Zealand..."

Season 2 started shooting October 2011.

Syfy in the UK will start airing the series February 2012.

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