Thursday, December 29, 2011

'Hector' And 'Alle' Stuck In The Void

Aspen Comics' "Charismagic" #4, available January 18, 2012, is written by Vince Hernandez, with illustrations by Khary Randolph and covers by Randolph, Siya Oum, Micah Gunnell, Nicola Hwang and Michael Lopez:

"...'Hank', 'Sudana' and 'Sparkles' make their way into the treacherous jungles of Costa Rica in search of the wizard 'Kon' for help. Yet, their journey may end before it even begins when they encounter 'The Guardians', magical beings tasked with protecting the temple of Kon -- who may or may not be allies to their cause.

"Inside Kon's temple, the ancient wizard battles the newly returned 'Samsun', but the tides of magic power have shifted -- and not in his favor. In the 'Void Realm', the capture of 'Hector' and 'Alle' by a mystical shaman will provide a glimmer of hope to the pair stuck in the hellish landscape of the Void, but will they be able to survive in order to enjoy it ?..."

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