Sunday, November 13, 2011

Warners Building "LEGO" Relationship

Warner Bros. and Australian producers Animal Logic ("Happy Feet") will develop a live action/animated feature, based on "LEGO" building blocks.

With tax credits from the Australian government and New South Wales, the 'action adventure' will be set in "a world of 'LEGOS'", produced entirely in Australia, with "Robot Chicken" stop-motion director Chris McKay co-directing.

LEGO and Warner Bros. previously produced LEGO toys and videogames based on Warner Bros. properties "Batman" and "Harry Potter".

LEGO will now have complete access to all of DC Entertainment's comic book characters and stories to launch DC Universe figures and playsets beginning January 2012, which will include 'Batman', 'Superman', 'Wonder Woman' and a whole lot more...

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