Friday, October 21, 2011

"Red Dog" Collars $20 Million

Director Kriv Stenders Australian produced family feature "Red Dog" recently passed the $20 million mark at the Australian box office.

Adapted by screenwriter Daniel Taplitz, from "Red Dog", the best-selling novel by author Louis De Bernières ("Captain Corelli's Mandolin") the film follows the true story of 'Red Dog', a nomadic Australian sheep dog, found roaming the outback in search of his master, before returning to a mining town to inspire the locals :

" West Australia during the early 1970's, 'Thomas' (Luke Ford) walks into a bar where the locals are looking after a sick dog. He is told by 'Jack' (Noah Taylor) that this is no ordinary dog, but the great 'Red Dog' (played by Koko).

"Jack tells his story about how he first met Red. Then a man named 'Vanno' (Arthur Angel) shares how he became acquainted with the dog. The men recall how Red Dog embodied such great human qualities that he was made into a member of the 'Transport Workers Union' and an official member of the 'Dampier Salt Sports and Social Club'.

"And adding to the myth is the story of how Red Dog found his one and only master, 'John' (Josh Lucas) and how John fell in love with 'Nancy' (Rachael Taylor)..."

There is a statue of the real Red Dog in the Outback town of Dampier, Western Australia, that inspired De Bernières to write his novel.

"Australia has fallen in love with 'Red Dog'," said the film's producer Nelson Woss.

"Now it's time to share our story with the world."

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