Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Fox 2000 Horses Around With "Mister Ed"

A horse is a horse, of course, of course as Fox 2000 confirms they will develop the 1960's TV sitcom "Mister Ed" as a big screen comedic feature, to be produced by Jim Mahoney. The original Filmways, CBS TV series, featured 'Mister Ed', a palomino horse (Bamboo Harvester) who could talk (Allan Lane) and his owner, eccentric architect 'Wilbur Post' (Alan Young).
The show was derived from a series of short stories by author Walter R. Brooks ("Freddie The Pig"), that debuted in the September 1937 issue of Liberty Magazine with the story "The Talking Horse". Most of the humor stemmed from the fact Mister Ed would speak only to Wilbur, a concept also similar to a series of low-budget 1950's "Francis the Talking Mule" features. Legend had it that the crew were able to get Mister Ed to move his mouth by applying peanut butter to his gums in order for him to try to remove it by moving his lips. The fact was a nylon string was tied to his halter and the loose end inserted under his lip.
After a few seasons, Ed would freely move his top lip on cue whenever his trainer touched his hoof.
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