Friday, September 23, 2011

"X-Men Legacy" : In The Middle Of An Extraterrestrial War

Marvel Comics' "X-Men Legacy" #256, available September 28, 2011, is written by Mike Carey, with illustrations by Steve Kurth and a cover by Mico Suayan :

"...when 'Rogue', 'Magneto' and 'Gambit' jumped into space on an intergalactic search and rescue mission, they had no idea that it would land them in the middle of an extraterrestrial war.

"And to make matters worse, the space station that serves as the battlefield for the conflict is slowly falling into a collapsing star. With time running out and the lives of 'Havok', 'Polaris' and 'Marvel Girl' on the line, these 'X-Men' are in for a bumpy ride..."

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