Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kripke Breathes Life Into "Deadman"

According to reports, writer Eric Kripke ("Supernatural") will draft a script, adapting DC Comics' "Deadman" for Warner Bros Television.

Debuting in DC's "Strange Adventures" #205 (October 1967), the character was created by writer Arnold Drake and illustrator Carmine Infantino, with artist Neal Adams noted for his early, impressive work on the series.

Formerly a circus trapeze artist named 'Boston Brand' who performed under the name 'Deadman', complete with red costume and white corpse makeup, the character is murdered during a performance by the mysterious 'Hook'.

Brand's spirit is then given the power to possess any living being by the Hindu goddess 'Rama Kushna', in order to search for his killer and obtain justice.

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