Wednesday, July 27, 2011

There's Something About Chanel Ryan

Actress/model Chanel Ryan tells us that since she made the decision to switch her focus full time to acting, she has been busy with a number of new 'genre' feature film projects.

"I Just finished shooting the comedy/horror film 'Bad Kids Go To Hell' in Texas and WOW was it HOT!," said Ryan. "We basically went straight from filming in Dallas to San Diego Comicon to unveil the teaser, and do a bit of promotion.

"'Bad Kids' started out as a best selling indie comic book series/graphic novel of the same name, written by Barry Bazza Wernick who is also the film's producer. Matthew Spradlin is the director.

"Fans of the series will be happy to know that since both writers were on set everyday, the project is staying true to the comic in production, script & mood...sort of a "Breakfast Club" meets 'The Grudge'.

"I play cheerleading coach 'Ms. Gleason' who is just oozing with school spirit. Judd Nelson is 'Headmaster Nash'.

"I am also really excited to have a small part in "The Witches Of Oz" from director Leigh Scott. There are three different versions of the film being released. The first version opened a week ago in the UK. A different version, complete with 15 minutes of new footage, alternate scenes and entirely different effects will be in theatres in the US mid October. And yet another version will be released as a TV mini series in the US in December.

I also appeared in the film 'Small Apartments' for director Jonas Akerlund. Look for me as 'Swiss Miss' in the dream sequences.

"I also appear in the new film 'Skum Rocks'. I play 'Ashley X', the disgruntled ex-girlfriend of the lead singer. The film is a rockumentary spoof, narrated by Alice Cooper. Cameos include Jon Stewart, Steve-O and a ton of well know musicians. Last I heard the producers are planning to premiere the film in Miami late fall to coincide with Alice Cooper's next tour."

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