Saturday, July 09, 2011

Stevenson Targets "G.I. Joe 2"

Actor Ray Stevenson ("Punisher: War Zone") has been cast in Paramount Pictures' next "G.I. Joe" feature as 'Firefly', a mercenary who works for the 'COBRA' criminal organization as a saboteur.

To be directed by John Chu ("Step Up 3D"), the sequel based on the Hasbro Toys, will return with a fresh cast, joining regulars Channing Tatum as 'Duke', Ray Park as 'Snake Eyes' and Byung Hun-lee as 'Stormshadow'. New to the cast are Dwayne Johnson as 'Roadblock', Elodie Yung as 'Jinx', DJ Cotrona as 'Flint', Adrianne Palicki as 'Lady Jaye' and RZA as 'The Blind Master'.

The character's real name is unknown, with nobody, including 'Cobra Commander' aware of his given name or what he looks like.

A ninja master and expert in all NATO and Warsaw Pact explosives and detonators, Firefly places his charges in specific locations to achieve maximum damage. His fees are paid into a numbered Swiss bank account, and are always paid in advance, making no guarantees or offering any refunds.

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